A lil this and a lil that

It’s been a beautiful day. I woke up to the promise of reading and writing more than often. Which I did!!

WordPress gives me the opportunity to connect to like-minded people. My friends do not read and like the stuff I read and appreciate and vice versa. In that sense, I had a feeling of being on an island – lost, until I had this medium to get me wherever and whenever I desire.

I read reviews, blogs on writing..burning ships, Jeffrey Eugenides’ advice to young writers. For the first time in many many months I feel truly alive. I am loving this. I totally suck at it. People will roll over when they read this. But this is where it begins. I want to see myself writing and reading and getting transformed and getting enlightened with the wonderful works I am about to read and enjoy and be thrilled about! I cant contain myself at the prospect of having arrived, having begun!!!